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Biroul Individual de Avocati Albu Inga

Legal services

We provide assistance in resolving a wide range of legal matters, as well as minimizing the risk of further disputes by establishing clear and concise contracts and/or conducting preliminary negotiations. 

The principal services provided by our office are:
  • Drafting applications, solicitations, pretentions, petitions and their submission to Court instances or other state or administrative authorities;
  • Conducting negotiations with participation of the client or on his behalf for extrajudicial settlement of disputes;
  • Drafting all legal documents on behalf of the client;
  • Representing individuals and corporate body in Court instances for defending their legal rights and interests;
  • Drafting civil contracts;
  • Matters of succession;
  • Family causes, divorces, division of property, alimony payments;

  • Representing persons during enforced execution of Court decisions and other enforcement documents within the Executive Department of the Ministry of Justice and its subdivisions;
  • Legal consultations;
  • Prolongation of work permits, immigrant certificates, permissions to stay on the territory of the Republic of Moldova for foreign citizens;
  • Other legal consultations.